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Monday 11-4
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Phone: 250-935-0015
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983 Beasley Road
Box 222
Manson’s Landing, BC

Thrift Store

Fridays from 12:30 to 2:30.

The SCCA Thrift Store wants your good and clean used clothing.

If the Thrift Store is closed, you can bring your used clothes to the Manson’s Hall office or leave it outside the Thrift Store in a bag. One of the nine volunteers will gladly take it from there.

Thrift Store History

In 1981, Pat LeRoux started the Thrift Store as a personal business in Manson’s Hall that made about $300/month. When she left, it became a community project that has kept on going for the last twenty-five years—and helps to keep Manson’s Hall going too.

Today, its convenient location makes it easy to find inexpensive clothing for you and your family. With just a few dollars in hand, it’s a great place for kids to shop on their own too!

Thanks to all who donate clothing and to our dedicated volunteers

Ruth Zwickel, Diane Hansen, Gail Ringwood, Gail McKerley, Lynn Marttila, Judy Malek, Myrna Kerr, Ric Ochsenbein, Josée Gagnon, Callie Waddell, Elinore Harwood, Ann Dewar and Erika Grundmann.