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Hall Office:
Monday 11-4
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Phone: 250-935-0015
Fax: 250-935-0026

983 Beasley Road
Box 222
Manson’s Landing, BC

Friday Market Food Vendors



The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) policies regarding temporary, ie Farmers Markets holds liable both the vendors, and the operators of a market.

For vendors selling products regarded as a health risk, penalties to both the vendor and operator are significant.

The SCCA cannot place itself in a position of legal or financial liability, and is responsible to members, islanders and visitors to operate the Market in accordance with food safety regulations.

The Community Association regrets that food products not in compliance with the “Guideline for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets” can no longer be offered for sale at the Friday Market.

Regulations can be viewed online:

The community kitchen in the main hall is approved for the preparation of food products that can legally be sold at the Market, provided a vendor follows the applicable Guidelines.

The SCCA Board is considering policies for the use of this kitchen by individual members of the community who wish to use it to prepare fresh, packaged and frozen foods.

We are currently fundraising to renovate and re-equip the former café kitchen. On completion the community association will operate a fully certified commercial kitchen available for use by:

Seniors (for example Meals on Wheels, and social lunches)

Market vendors

Event catering, weddings and community fundraisers

Educational purposes and youth job experience

Regular “café days”, just like the good old days.

The Board thanks vendors and islanders for your understanding and patience while we work on solutions that will serve our community, and meet the challenge of complying with food safety regulations.







Thank You Coastal Community Credit Union

cccu logo

The SCCA is pleased to be the recipient of a Quadra Legacy Grant from Coastal Community Credit Union. The grant will go towards the renovation of the kitchen at Manson’s Hall. We are grateful to the CCCU for the help in getting our much needed kitchen back up and running!

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program


The SCCA is pleased to support the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. Nora Disney is our local volunteer, and the can do income tax filing for free for people who qualify. Here are the qualifications for the free service.

  • Single up to $30,000
  • Couple up to $40,000
  • One child up to $35,000  (single parent)
  • Each dependent up to $2,500 more per dependent
  • Interest income up to $1,000

If you qualify, you can call Nora directly at 250-935-6345, or call the hall office 250-935-0015 to arrange to drop off your papers. Here is a list of the information needed in order to file:

  • Full name
  • Current address with Revenue Canada (for NetFile)
  • Birthdate
  • Marital Status
  • Name and birthdate of dependents
  • Contact phone number or email
  • T4s, T5s, childcare expenses, art or sport class receipts for dependents

Ready, Set, Go! Playschool!

New Wall in the Playschool

The SCCA is pleased to welcome Kate DeWitt, ECE, as our new playschool
teacher along with Jes Lennox and Julia Linnay as teacher assistants. Come
meet the teachers and check out the beautifully renovated playschool in
Manson’s Hall.
Children 2.5 – 5 years old and their families are invited to a drop in /
drop off Open House 10am – 2pm on Tuesday, Feb 25 and Thursday, Feb 27,
free of charge. Program tuition is $160/month through June 2014 for the
Tuesday/Thursday 10am – 2pm program, which works out to approximately
$5/hr. Provincial subsidy and partial private scholarships may be
For more information, please contact Mansons’s Hall Manager Mary Lavelle
at 935-0015 or

Meeting for Parents of Playschoolers

PLAYSCHOOL! Calling all parents of children aged 2 1/2 – 5 years!
Renovations to the Manson’s Hall Playschool are nearly complete and we’re
getting ready to move back into the beautiful “new” space in January 2014.
Now is the time to share your ideas, hopes and dreams for the upcoming
program. Join us for a parents only roundtable discussion on Wednesday,
December 4, 11am- 12pm in the Pioneer Room (during playgroup, childcare
provided). To get the ball rolling, and for parents who are unable to
attend, you can share your thoughts (confidentially) here today.

Together we can create a magical year for our preschoolers. For more info,
call Hall Manager Mary Lavelle at 935-0015.

New: Super Tax Credit for Charitable Donors

There is a new “super tax credit” for charitable donations.

Traditionally the Federal Government gives taxpayers a non-refundable credit of 15% on the first $200 of charitable donations, and 29% on the remainder, subject to a limit of 75% of your Net Income.

Starting in the 2013 tax year and lasting until 2017, they will be offering a bonus credit of 25% on the first $1000 of donations for first-time donors. This results in a total credit of 40% on the first $200 of donations, 54% on the next $800, and 29% thereafter.

For the 2013 taxation year, an individual will be considered a first-time donor if neither the individual nor the individual’s spouse or common-law partner has claimed the Charitable Donations Tax Credit in any of the five preceding tax years. Only donations of money that are made after March 20, 2013 will qualify for the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit.

This means that a $200 donation gets an $80 credit, a $500 donation returns $242 and a $1,000 donation only costs $498. The details are on the Revenue Canada site at this link:

In the last week, the Southern Cortes Community Association received more than $4,000 in individual donations to create a new kitchen in Manson’s Hall. We have an approved $3200 grant-in-aid from the Strathcona Regional District and the probability of $2000 more in January. We still need almost $20,000 to expand the existing room and redo wiring, plumbing, wall finish, ventilation, lighting and flooring. If you haven’t made a charitable donation in the last five years, this is a great time to do so. Go to to learn more and help out. Let’s get cooking!

Enter Nail Sail and Bail

Nail, Sail, and Bail
Teams Wanted
Cortes Day July 20, 2013
Each team consists on two persons and there is room at the beach for a minimum of four and a maximum of six teams.
Teams register at Mansons Hall Office with $30 entry fee
Teams assemble at Smelt Bay at 11:00 am. Boat building from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Race starts at 2:00 pm
You must build a BOAT, not a raft or a surf board
Teams will run with their boat to the water and launch. One or both team members, in the boat, will propel the boat around the course markers and back to the beach. You may not interfere with the other teams.
Each participant will receive a Nail Sail & Bail t-shirt.
Winning team gets Glory, cash prize, and trophy rights.

scca logo

The SCCA welcomes Diane Daly, David Drysdale and Mags Johnston to the Board of Directors. They were elected at the annual general meeting May 28 when the membership re-elected Julian Ayers, Myrna Kerr, Jim Murphy and John Sprungman to the board. Desta Beattie was elected last year to a two-year term.


At the AGM, the SCCA members and board celebrated the opening of the new Manson’s Landing Canada Post Office with thank-yous from postmistress Jaime laGrandeur and the board to all those who helped create the new space.


The board is also pleased to announce that Jean Fontaine will be the construction coordinator for extensive renovations to the hall beginning this month. Updates will be posted regularly at the hall, on Tideline ( and on the SCCA website ( and in the Cortes Marketer.



Annual General Meeting – 1 p.m. Tuesday, May 28

Manson’s Hall


Official Opening – New Manson’s Landing Post Office

Come and thank the volunteers who made it happen


Major renovations to the hall begin in June

Hear about the plans to revitalize

Our community centre


Refreshments will be provided

See you then and there




Construction Coordinator Manson’s Hall Renovations

New Concept for Manson's Hall Entry with Post Office in New Room. See articles below for details.
The Southern Cortes Community Association is seeking a construction coordinator for renovations at Manson’s Hall. The SCCA has been successful in applications for grants to fund improvements to the main entryway and hall bathrooms, structural repairs and interior refinishing in the upstairs rooms, playschool, thrift store and hall office, the construction of a new covered deck for the playschool, and renovation of the present post office room after the new post office opens.

The coordinator will need to work with the SCCA board and hall staff to plan and schedule work so the hall can remain as functional as possible during construction, to hire crew and provide onsite supervision, and to work with SCCA accounting staff to manage payroll and purchases to meet the reporting requirements of the grants. If you are interested, please submit a letter to SCCA Board of Directors, Box 222, Manson’s Landing, B.C., V0P1K0, or drop it off at the hall office, including your qualifications and experience. Letters will be accepted through Monday, April 29

Thank you, Emcon!

The Southern Cortes Community Association greatly appreciates the support of Emcon Services management and Cortes crew in our current project to improve the access to Manson’s Landing Community Hall. In conjunction with the soon-to-open new office for Canada Post, we are revamping the entryway with an enlarged pedestrian patio and improved parking. Emcon has generously agreed to help by donating quality crushed gravel to provide a base for patio pavers and a better drained surface for parking on the Beasley Road side of the hall. The SCCA also wishes to commend Emcon’s Cortes crew for the work they have done to improve pedestrian safety in the neighbourhood by installing underground drainage where there were ditches.  Emcon’s willingness to partner with community institutions and enterprises to benefit the whole island is gratifying. Give the guys a thankful wave when you see them on the road.

Year End Appeal

Thank you from the SCCA to everyone who donated to our Year End Appeal. All funds will be going towards our current renovations, and will be matched by other grants, so your donations will go twice as far! Currently, the Post Office renovation is underway, and soon we will begin to work on the old library room and the exterior entryway. Look for more updates soon.

Thank You Coastal Community Credit Union

Thank you to the Coastal Community Credit Union for the Quadra Legacy Grant awarded to the Southern Cortes Community Association. The grant will go towards the renovation of the old library room at Manson’s Hall. We are grateful for the support of the CCCU in helping us improve our community hall.

Christmas Community Dinner

Festive fun and feasting was had by all who came together for another Community Christmas dinner at Manson’s Hall. We figure around 200 plates of delicious food came out of that turkey and salmon potluck buffet dinner.  A wonderful mood was created with piano music by Elisabeth, Tamara, Angelica and Tiffany followed by the lively McKenty family band.

Thank you

A very big thank you goes out to everyone who participated and to the many volunteers who donated their time, effort, talent, goods and money to help this event be so abundant, musical and festive. A big thank you to Jim, Ann, Mary, and Claudia for organizing and doing many tasks, the McKenty family, Elisabeth, Tamara, Angelica and Tiffany for music, Rick for being the M.C., Hannu for sound, Mark, David, Gail, Judy, Suzanne, Garnnette, Sue, Alana, Kelly, Angela, Tamara, Jordan, Chris, Gary, Richard, Dino, Sherman, Mario, Russ, Ron, Alma, Laara, Felix, Ellah, Jamie, Colton, Nancy, Richard, Dave, Susanne, Lore, Derek, Colleen, Becca, William, Cortes Market, Cortes Natural Food Coop, Thrifties, Super Store, Gunter Brothers, Gorge Hall, and all the other people whose name did not get mentioned but you know you helped, thank you!


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Big Changes Coming at Manson’s Hall — You Can Help!

Manson’s Hall with Post Office in New Room
to left of Main Entrance. See PO article below.


Season’s Greetings!

There were many positive changes at Manson’s Landing Community Hall this year, and there are more to come in the new year.

In 2012 the Pioneer Room where islanders and visitors gather to eat, visit and surf the internet was extensively remodeled as was the main hall kitchen. Cortes Community Radio moved to a much better location for its operations—the portable that was North Island College’s Cortes Centre.

The room where the radio was previously located is now being renovated for the post office and will have twice the present number of mailboxes in an inside lobby with 24/7 access separate from the main hall entrance. Many less obvious improvements in insulation, heating and plumbing have been made, and having a part-time maintenance person on staff has helped deal with numerous small problems before they became big expensive ones.

The last year has not been without its challenges. After an unsuccessful effort to finance a new building for the library, the SCCA lost $7000 in annual lease revenue from the Vancouver Island Regional Library when VIRL’s administrators abruptly closed the branch and left us with a structural engineer’s report that will require substantial renovations so the room can be used again.

Fortunately, the SCCA has just been awarded a grant which will help us repair those structural deficiencies as well as transform the main entryway to the hall and new post office, turn the existing post office into a small group meeting room, and fix the squeaky floor over the Pioneer Room. However, like other grants we hope to get this year, it must be matched with funds from other sources which will significantly deplete our reserves without your help.

While grants are great, they have very specific conditions. Grants do not provide money for routine maintenance or suddenly needed repairs. They will not pay our heating or electric bills, our insurance, janitor, cleaning supplies and garbage collection. These costs must be covered by rental income or donations in order to keep the hall warm, clean and safe and to adapt it for the many services and activities you enjoy.

Fortunately, there are many in our community who have volunteered their time, tools and skills to help with hands-on projects and who lend their expertise to keep Manson’s Hall functioning and to develop spaces for new uses. Other grants we have applied for will count in-kind donations of materials and labour.

So we are asking current members to renew your memberships now for the next year and add a donation of money, time and/or materials. If you are not a member, please join your community association. Donations and membership fees can be mailed to the SCCA, Box 222, Manson’s Landing, B.C., V0P1K0, dropped off at the hall office or made online at, the SCCA web site. For a 2012 tax receipt, donations must be received before December 31. Online contributors will receive a tax receipt via email from

SCCA Membership-Donation Form

Thank you for supporting your community centre. Happy holidays from all of us:

SCCA Board of Directors — Julian Ayers, Desta Beattie, Myrna Kerr, Jim Murphy, John Sprungman

Manson’s Hall Staff — Mark Christian, Marilyn Fitzmaurice, Josee Gagnon, Mary Lavelle, Eddy Mitchell, Claudia Raaen