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Phone: 250-935-0015
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983 Beasley Road
Box 222
Manson’s Landing, BC

Rental Options/Fees

We have affordable and mult-functional venues for your special event, meeting, workshop, concert, or party.  Online booking makes working with us a breeze! 

Manson’s Hall Short-term Rentals

Individuals and organizations that are current members of the SCCA may rent the Main Public Hall or the Pioneer Room for events.

  • Main Hall: this room has 26’x50’ of floor space with 10’x26’ of stage space. The fee to rent the hall is $18.00 per hour to a maximum of $100.00 for workshops and/or courses.
  • Pioneer Room: this room is used by the Cortes Café four days of the week, this room has 24’x26′ of floor space. The rental fee is $11.00 per hour.

Short-Term Rental Policy

Rental Request Form


Manson’s Hall Ongoing Rentals

This rental agreement is ideal for on-going courses that involve a presenter or instructor who charges daily, weekly or a monthly fee or asks for a suggested donation. The hall can be occupied for two hours or less when used on an ongoing basis.

As with other rental options, this is for individuals and organizations that are current members of the Southern Cortes Community Association. The areas available for on-going course lease are the Main Public Hall and the Pioneer Room.

Fees for events that meet:

  • once a week are $11 per 2 hour session, charged monthly.

Ongoing Rental Policy

Rental Request Form


Equipment Rentals

SCCA Members renting at Manson’s Hall for an event, may also rent equipment. The SCCA can provide the following:

  • a Sound System including mixing board and microphones at $30.00 per event. Sound technicians are also available.
  • an LCD projector at $20.00 per event. Projectionists are also available.
  • a piano, which is $25.00 per event.