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Thank You Coastal Community Credit Union

Thank you to the Coastal Community Credit Union for the Quadra Legacy Grant awarded to the Southern Cortes Community Association. The grant will go towards the renovation of the old library room at Manson’s Hall. We are grateful for the support of the CCCU in helping us improve our community hall.

Christmas Community Dinner

Festive fun and feasting was had by all who came together for another Community Christmas dinner at Manson’s Hall. We figure around 200 plates of delicious food came out of that turkey and salmon potluck buffet dinner.  A wonderful mood was created with piano music by Elisabeth, Tamara, Angelica and Tiffany followed by the lively McKenty family band.

Thank you

A very big thank you goes out to everyone who participated and to the many volunteers who donated their time, effort, talent, goods and money to help this event be so abundant, musical and festive. A big thank you to Jim, Ann, Mary, and Claudia for organizing and doing many tasks, the McKenty family, Elisabeth, Tamara, Angelica and Tiffany for music, Rick for being the M.C., Hannu for sound, Mark, David, Gail, Judy, Suzanne, Garnnette, Sue, Alana, Kelly, Angela, Tamara, Jordan, Chris, Gary, Richard, Dino, Sherman, Mario, Russ, Ron, Alma, Laara, Felix, Ellah, Jamie, Colton, Nancy, Richard, Dave, Susanne, Lore, Derek, Colleen, Becca, William, Cortes Market, Cortes Natural Food Coop, Thrifties, Super Store, Gunter Brothers, Gorge Hall, and all the other people whose name did not get mentioned but you know you helped, thank you!


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Big Changes Coming at Manson’s Hall — You Can Help!

Manson’s Hall with Post Office in New Room
to left of Main Entrance. See PO article below.


Season’s Greetings!

There were many positive changes at Manson’s Landing Community Hall this year, and there are more to come in the new year.

In 2012 the Pioneer Room where islanders and visitors gather to eat, visit and surf the internet was extensively remodeled as was the main hall kitchen. Cortes Community Radio moved to a much better location for its operations—the portable that was North Island College’s Cortes Centre.

The room where the radio was previously located is now being renovated for the post office and will have twice the present number of mailboxes in an inside lobby with 24/7 access separate from the main hall entrance. Many less obvious improvements in insulation, heating and plumbing have been made, and having a part-time maintenance person on staff has helped deal with numerous small problems before they became big expensive ones.

The last year has not been without its challenges. After an unsuccessful effort to finance a new building for the library, the SCCA lost $7000 in annual lease revenue from the Vancouver Island Regional Library when VIRL’s administrators abruptly closed the branch and left us with a structural engineer’s report that will require substantial renovations so the room can be used again.

Fortunately, the SCCA has just been awarded a grant which will help us repair those structural deficiencies as well as transform the main entryway to the hall and new post office, turn the existing post office into a small group meeting room, and fix the squeaky floor over the Pioneer Room. However, like other grants we hope to get this year, it must be matched with funds from other sources which will significantly deplete our reserves without your help.

While grants are great, they have very specific conditions. Grants do not provide money for routine maintenance or suddenly needed repairs. They will not pay our heating or electric bills, our insurance, janitor, cleaning supplies and garbage collection. These costs must be covered by rental income or donations in order to keep the hall warm, clean and safe and to adapt it for the many services and activities you enjoy.

Fortunately, there are many in our community who have volunteered their time, tools and skills to help with hands-on projects and who lend their expertise to keep Manson’s Hall functioning and to develop spaces for new uses. Other grants we have applied for will count in-kind donations of materials and labour.

So we are asking current members to renew your memberships now for the next year and add a donation of money, time and/or materials. If you are not a member, please join your community association. Donations and membership fees can be mailed to the SCCA, Box 222, Manson’s Landing, B.C., V0P1K0, dropped off at the hall office or made online at, the SCCA web site. For a 2012 tax receipt, donations must be received before December 31. Online contributors will receive a tax receipt via email from

SCCA Membership-Donation Form

Thank you for supporting your community centre. Happy holidays from all of us:

SCCA Board of Directors — Julian Ayers, Desta Beattie, Myrna Kerr, Jim Murphy, John Sprungman

Manson’s Hall Staff — Mark Christian, Marilyn Fitzmaurice, Josee Gagnon, Mary Lavelle, Eddy Mitchell, Claudia Raaen



Lakehouse is a small but potentially expanding collective of people dedicated to engaging with our youth in a creative and uplifting learning environment. Marni and Sheena were involved with Lakehouse Learning Community at Linnaea last year, began renting the room above the pioneer room at Manson’s Hall at the beginning of the summer of 2012. They have been offering regular weekly activities such as sewing, singing, arts and crafts, nature walks, games and documentary films. They feel it is important to have a regular place for children and adults to come together for creative learning and play.


Everyone welcome to come to the annual Community Christmas Dinner at Manson’s Hall Saturday December 15th. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy will be served. Please bring a potluck veggie dish or salad with a serving utensil or a finger food dessert to add to the feast. Doors open at 5:00 pm and dinner starts around 5:30. Donations for the food bank will be gratefully accepted at the door. Thanks to all the volunteers who help cook, decorate, clean up and entertain. Thank you to the Cortes Market, Gunter Brothers Meat, Thrifties and Superstore for donating food and supplies.

Christmas dinner poster

New Manson’s Post Office in the New Year


In the new year, the Manson’s post office will be moving to a new, larger room on the other side of the main entrance to Manson’s Hall. Renovations are currently underway. The SCCA board decided to make this change to provide space for the many more mailboxes needed at Manson’s, to change the access for the mail van to reduce heat loss from the hall, and to create a more efficient work space with improved heat retention. The new mailboxes will be in an internal lobby with its own exterior door accessible 24/7 and with inside access to the main hall when it is open.

Manson’s Landing is a postmaster-supplied post office which means that Canada Post Corp. provides a monthly rental allowance to the postmaster. CPC has provided new mailboxes and will pay for their installation but not for renovating the room itself. The project is being managed hands-on by SCCA director Jim Murphy; most of the labour is being done by volunteers with donations of lumber and tools. Items that must be purchased (glass, the new door, flooring, a security closure for the wicket, electrical fixtures, wallboard and paint) are being paid for out of SCCA revenue and donations in order to improve service to our community.

More than 100 island residents currently receive their mail via general delivery. If you are one of them and look forward to having your own mailbox, you can help this project by donating money, time or materials. The new setup should also reduce wait time at the wicket for everyone. You can “contact us” or “make a donation” from the home page at When the renovations are complete, postmaster Jaime Lagrandeur will be managing the transition.





SCCA Presidents Report

President’s Report by John Sprungman

Manson’s Hall, in its present form, has served the community as a centre for services, activities and as a social space for 32 years. Over those years, it has been a kind of greenhouse in which things start small and some of them outgrow the available space. The first doctor practiced in what is now the hall office. Later the room across from the bathrooms was the doctor’s office and then the community built the medical centre.

The Quadra Credit Union also started in the hall office, moved into the portable on the parking lot and then bought land and constructed its own building. This year Cortes Community Radio, now fully licensed, moved to the portable from the old doctor’s office.

And the next occupant of that room will be the post office. Jim Murphy, chair of the SCCA’s renovations committee, is working with postmaster Jaime le Grandeur on a design which will include an internal lobby (open 24/7) with twice the number of mailboxes, all of them new and already on site. This move was approved by the SCCA board to accomplish a number of positive changes: the reduction of heat loss from the hall by not using the main doors as the access for incoming and outgoing mail, the creation of a pedestrian courtyard keeping vehicles back from the main entry, and providing mailboxes for nearly a hundred people who currently get their mail via general delivery. Once the post office is moved, a small group meeting or activity room will be created to reduce the need to use the Pioneer Room for a limited number of people. Continue reading »

Many Thanks to the Manson’s Hall Renovators

Renovations to the Pioneer Room and the main hall kitchen at Manson’s Hall are now complete, and many thank yous are in order to all who helped to create these beautifully refinished spaces.

At the top of the list is Jim Murphy, chair of the SCCA’s renovations committee, talented woodworker and organizer, who gave hundreds of hours of his time as well as a substantial donation of money to a project which was also made possible by the Cortes Seniors Society’s support for a New Horizons for Seniors grant written by Sandra Wood who took the pictures in the collage above.

In the Pioneer Room, the 30-year-old carpet and particle board underlay was removed with volunteer help from Axel Nagorni and Dave Popke and hauled to the recycling centre by Tom Bennet. A new plywood surface was laid down by Jim and Eddie Mitchell as the base for the professionally installed marmoleum flooring. Jean Fontaine donated the use of an air stapler to fasten the plywood. Continue reading »